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BezierCurve Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 BezierCurve (const QList< QPointF > &pointList, bool smooth=true)
 BezierCurve (const QList< QPointF > &pointList, const QList< qreal > &pressureList, double tol, bool smooth=true)
Status createDomElement (QXmlStreamWriter &xmlStream)
void loadDomElement (const QDomElement &element)
qreal getWidth () const
qreal getFeather () const
bool getVariableWidth () const
int getColorNumber () const
void decreaseColorNumber ()
int getVertexSize () const
QPointF getOrigin () const
QPointF getVertex (int i) const
QPointF getC1 (int i) const
QPointF getC2 (int i) const
qreal getPressure (int i) const
bool isSelected (int vertex) const
bool isSelected () const
bool isPartlySelected () const
bool isInvisible () const
bool intersects (QPointF point, qreal distance)
bool intersects (QRectF rectangle)
bool isFilled () const
void setOrigin (const QPointF &point)
void setOrigin (const QPointF &point, const qreal &pressureValue, const bool &trueOrFalse)
void setC1 (int i, const QPointF &point)
void setC2 (int i, const QPointF &point)
void setVertex (int i, const QPointF &point)
void setLastVertex (const QPointF &point)
void setWidth (qreal desiredWidth)
void setFeather (qreal desiredFeather)
void setVariableWidth (bool YesOrNo)
void setInvisibility (bool YesOrNo)
void setColorNumber (int colorNumber)
void setSelected (bool YesOrNo)
void setSelected (int i, bool YesOrNo)
void setFilled (bool yesOrNo)
 BezierCurve::setFilled. More...
BezierCurve transformed (QTransform transformation)
void transform (QTransform transformation)
void appendCubic (const QPointF &c1Point, const QPointF &c2Point, const QPointF &vertexPoint, qreal pressureValue)
void addPoint (int position, const QPointF point)
void addPoint (int position, const qreal fraction)
QPointF getPointOnCubic (int i, qreal t)
void removeVertex (int i)
QPainterPath getStraightPath ()
QPainterPath getSimplePath ()
QPainterPath getStrokedPath ()
QPainterPath getStrokedPath (qreal width)
QPainterPath getStrokedPath (qreal width, bool pressure)
QRectF getBoundingRect ()
void drawPath (QPainter &painter, Object *object, QTransform transformation, bool simplified, bool showThinLines)
void createCurve (const QList< QPointF > &pointList, const QList< qreal > &pressureList, bool smooth)
void smoothCurve ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void simplify (double tol, const QList< QPointF > &inputList, int j, int k, QList< bool > &markList)
static qreal eLength (const QPointF point)
static qreal mLength (const QPointF point)
static void normalise (QPointF &point)
static qreal findDistance (BezierCurve curve, int i, QPointF P, QPointF &nearestPoint, qreal &t)
static bool findIntersection (BezierCurve curve1, int i1, BezierCurve curve2, int i2, QList< Intersection > &intersections)

Private Attributes

QPointF origin
QList< QPointFc1
QList< QPointFc2
QList< QPointFvertex
QList< float > pressure
int colorNumber = 0
float width = 0.f
float feather = 0.f
bool variableWidth = 0.f
bool invisible = false
bool mFilled = false
QList< bool > selected

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file beziercurve.h.

Member Function Documentation

void BezierCurve::setFilled ( bool  YesOrNo)


YesOrNobool setFilled doesn't do anything on its own, but we use it to see if a curve has been filled with an BezierArea.

Definition at line 277 of file beziercurve.cpp.

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