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Object Class Referencefinal

Public Member Functions

 Object (Object const &)=delete
 Object (Object &&)=delete
Objectoperator= (Object const &)=delete
Objectoperator= (Object &&)=delete
void init ()
void createWorkingDir ()
void deleteWorkingDir () const
void setWorkingDir (const QString &path)
QString filePath () const
void setFilePath (const QString &strFileName)
QString workingDir () const
QString dataDir () const
void setDataDir (const QString &dirPath)
QString mainXMLFile () const
void setMainXMLFile (const QString &file)
QDomElement saveXML (QDomDocument &doc) const
bool loadXML (const QDomElement &element, ProgressCallback progressForward)
void paintImage (QPainter &painter, int frameNumber, bool background, bool antialiasing) const
QString copyFileToDataFolder (const QString &strFilePath)
ColorRef getColor (int index) const
void setColor (int index, const QColor &newColor)
void setColorRef (int index, const ColorRef &newColorRef)
void movePaletteColor (int start, int end)
void moveVectorColor (int start, int end)
void addColor (const ColorRef &newColor)
void addColorAtIndex (int index, const ColorRef &newColor)
void removeColor (int index)
bool isColorInUse (int index) const
void renameColor (int i, const QString &text)
int getColorCount ()
bool importPalette (const QString &filePath)
void importPaletteGPL (QFile &file)
void importPalettePencil (QFile &file)
void openPalette (const QString &filePath)
bool exportPalette (const QString &filePath) const
void exportPaletteGPL (QFile &file) const
void exportPalettePencil (QFile &file) const
QString savePalette (const QString &filePath) const
void loadDefaultPalette ()
LayerBitmapaddNewBitmapLayer ()
LayerVectoraddNewVectorLayer ()
LayerSoundaddNewSoundLayer ()
LayerCameraaddNewCameraLayer ()
int getLayerCount () const
LayergetLayer (int i) const
LayergetLayerBelow (int i, Layer::LAYER_TYPE type) const
LayerfindLayerByName (const QString &strName, Layer::LAYER_TYPE type=Layer::UNDEFINED) const
LayerfindLayerById (int layerId) const
LayertakeLayer (int layerId)
bool swapLayers (int i, int j)
bool canSwapLayers (int layerIndexLeft, int layerIndexRight) const
 Allows you to check whether two layers can be swappped, before doing the actual operation. More...
bool canDeleteLayer (int index) const
 Allows you to check whether the layer at the given index can be deleted. More...
void deleteLayer (int i)
void deleteLayer (Layer *)
bool addLayer (Layer *layer)
template<typename T >
std::vector< T * > getLayersByType () const
bool exportFrames (int frameStart, int frameEnd, const LayerCamera *cameraLayer, QSize exportSize, QString filePath, QString format, bool transparency, bool exportKeyframesOnly, const QString &layerName, bool antialiasing, QProgressDialog *progress, int progressMax) const
bool exportIm (int frameStart, const QTransform &view, QSize cameraSize, QSize exportSize, const QString &filePath, const QString &format, bool antialiasing, bool transparency) const
void modification ()
bool isModified () const
void setModified (bool b)
int getUniqueLayerID ()
ObjectDatadata ()
const ObjectDatadata () const
void setData (const ObjectData &)
int totalKeyFrameCount () const
void updateActiveFrames (int frame) const
void setActiveFramePoolSize (int sizeInMB)

Private Member Functions

int getMaxLayerID ()

Private Attributes

QString mFilePath
QString mWorkingDirPath
QString mDataDirPath
QString mMainXMLFile
QList< Layer * > mLayers
bool modified = false
QList< ColorRefmPalette
ObjectData mData
std::unique_ptr< ActiveFramePoolmActiveFramePool

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file object.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool Object::canDeleteLayer ( int  index) const

Allows you to check whether the layer at the given index can be deleted.

[in]indexThe layer index to check
true if the layer can be deleted, otherwise false

Definition at line 336 of file object.cpp.

bool Object::canSwapLayers ( int  layerIndexLeft,
int  layerIndexRight 
) const

Allows you to check whether two layers can be swappped, before doing the actual operation.

[in]layerIndexLeftThe first layer to compare
[in]layerIndexRightThe second layer to compare
true if layers can be swapped, otherwise false

Definition at line 311 of file object.cpp.

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