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Object Class Referencefinal

Public Member Functions

 Object (Object const &)=delete
 Object (Object &&)=delete
Objectoperator= (Object const &)=delete
Objectoperator= (Object &&)=delete
void init ()
void createWorkingDir ()
void deleteWorkingDir () const
void setWorkingDir (const QString &path)
QString filePath () const
void setFilePath (const QString &strFileName)
QString workingDir () const
QString dataDir () const
void setDataDir (const QString &dirPath)
QString mainXMLFile () const
void setMainXMLFile (const QString &file)
QDomElement saveXML (QDomDocument &doc) const
bool loadXML (const QDomElement &element, ProgressCallback progressForward)
void paintImage (QPainter &painter, int frameNumber, bool background, bool antialiasing) const
QString copyFileToDataFolder (const QString &strFilePath)
ColorRef getColor (int index) const
void setColor (int index, const QColor &newColor)
void setColorRef (int index, const ColorRef &newColorRef)
void movePaletteColor (int start, int end)
void moveVectorColor (int start, int end)
void addColor (const ColorRef &newColor)
void addColorAtIndex (int index, const ColorRef &newColor)
void removeColor (int index)
bool isColorInUse (int index) const
void renameColor (int i, const QString &text)
int getColorCount ()
bool importPalette (const QString &filePath)
void importPaletteGPL (QFile &file)
void importPalettePencil (QFile &file)
void openPalette (const QString &filePath)
bool exportPalette (const QString &filePath) const
void exportPaletteGPL (QFile &file) const
void exportPalettePencil (QFile &file) const
QString savePalette (const QString &filePath) const
void loadDefaultPalette ()
LayerBitmapaddNewBitmapLayer ()
LayerVectoraddNewVectorLayer ()
LayerSoundaddNewSoundLayer ()
LayerCameraaddNewCameraLayer ()
int getLayerCount () const
LayergetLayer (int i) const
LayerfindLayerByName (const QString &strName, Layer::LAYER_TYPE type=Layer::UNDEFINED) const
LayerfindLayerById (int layerId) const
LayertakeLayer (int layerId)
bool swapLayers (int i, int j)
void deleteLayer (int i)
void deleteLayer (Layer *)
bool addLayer (Layer *layer)
template<typename T >
std::vector< T * > getLayersByType () const
bool exportFrames (int frameStart, int frameEnd, const LayerCamera *cameraLayer, QSize exportSize, QString filePath, QString format, bool transparency, bool exportKeyframesOnly, const QString &layerName, bool antialiasing, QProgressDialog *progress, int progressMax) const
bool exportIm (int frameStart, const QTransform &view, QSize cameraSize, QSize exportSize, const QString &filePath, const QString &format, bool antialiasing, bool transparency) const
void modification ()
bool isModified () const
void setModified (bool b)
int getUniqueLayerID ()
ObjectDatadata ()
const ObjectDatadata () const
void setData (const ObjectData &)
int totalKeyFrameCount () const
void updateActiveFrames (int frame) const
void setActiveFramePoolSize (int sizeInMB)

Private Member Functions

int getMaxLayerID ()

Private Attributes

QString mFilePath
QString mWorkingDirPath
QString mDataDirPath
QString mMainXMLFile
QList< Layer * > mLayers
bool modified = false
QList< ColorRefmPalette
ObjectData mData
std::unique_ptr< ActiveFramePoolmActiveFramePool

Detailed Description

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