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OverlayPainter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void setViewTransform (const QTransform view)
void setOptions (const OverlayPainterOptions &p)
OverlayPainterOptions getOptions ()
void renderOverlays (QPainter &painter, MoveMode mode)
void paintOverlayCenter (QPainter &painter)
void paintOverlayThirds (QPainter &painter)
void paintOverlayGolden (QPainter &painter)
void paintOverlaySafeAreas (QPainter &painter)
void paintOverlayPerspective1 (QPainter &painter)
void paintOverlayPerspective2 (QPainter &painter)
void paintOverlayPerspective3 (QPainter &painter)
void setCameraRect (QRect rect)
void setIsCamera (bool isCamera)
void setSinglePoint (QPoint point)
QPoint getSinglePoint () const
void setLeftPoint (QPoint point)
QPoint getLeftPoint () const
void setRightPoint (QPoint point)
QPoint getRightPoint () const
void setMiddlePoint (QPoint point)
QPoint getMiddlePoint () const
void setMoveMode (MoveMode mode)
MoveMode getMoveMode () const

Private Attributes

OverlayPainterOptions mOptions
MoveMode mMoveMode = MoveMode::NONE
QTransform mViewTransform

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file overlaypainter.h.

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