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Camera Class Reference
+ Inheritance diagram for Camera:

Public Member Functions

 Camera (QPointF translation, qreal rotation, qreal scaling, CameraEasingType type)
 Camera (const Camera &)
Cameraclone () const override
QTransform getView ()
void reset ()
void updateViewTransform ()
void assign (const Camera &rhs)
void translate (qreal dx, qreal dy)
void translate (const QPointF)
QPointF translation ()
void rotate (qreal degree)
qreal rotation ()
void scale (qreal scaleValue)
void scaleWithOffset (qreal scaleValue, QPointF offset)
qreal scaling ()
bool operator== (const Camera &rhs) const
void setEasingType (CameraEasingType type)
CameraEasingType getEasingType () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from KeyFrame
 KeyFrame (const KeyFrame &k2)
KeyFrameoperator= (const KeyFrame &k2)
int pos () const
void setPos (int position)
int length () const
void setLength (int len)
void modification ()
void setModified (bool b)
bool isModified () const
void setSelected (bool b)
bool isSelected () const
QString fileName () const
void setFileName (QString strFileName)
void addEventListener (KeyFrameEventListener *)
void removeEventListner (KeyFrameEventListener *)
virtual void loadFile ()
virtual void unloadFile ()
virtual bool isLoaded () const
virtual quint64 memoryUsage ()

Public Attributes

QTransform view

Private Attributes

QPointF mTranslate
qreal mRotate = 0.
qreal mScale = 1.
bool mNeedUpdateView = true
CameraEasingType mEasingType = CameraEasingType::LINEAR

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file camera.h.

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