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Camera Member List

This is the complete list of members for Camera, including all inherited members.

addEventListener(KeyFrameEventListener *) (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrame
assign(const Camera &rhs) (defined in Camera)Camera
Camera() (defined in Camera)Cameraexplicit
Camera(QPointF translation, qreal rotation, qreal scaling) (defined in Camera)Cameraexplicit
Camera(QPointF translation, qreal rotation, qreal scaling, CameraEasingType type) (defined in Camera)Cameraexplicit
Camera(const Camera &) (defined in Camera)Cameraexplicit
clone() const override (defined in Camera)Cameravirtual
compare(const Camera &rhs) const (defined in Camera)Camera
fileName() const (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinline
getEasingType() const (defined in Camera)Camerainline
getPathControlPoint() const (defined in Camera)Camerainline
getView() (defined in Camera)Camera
isLoaded() const (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinlinevirtual
isModified() const (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinline
isSelected() const (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinline
KeyFrame() (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameexplicit
KeyFrame(const KeyFrame &k2) (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameexplicit
length() const (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinline
loadFile() (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinlinevirtual
mEasingType (defined in Camera)Cameraprivate
memoryUsage() (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinlinevirtual
mNeedUpdateView (defined in Camera)Cameraprivate
modification() (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinline
mPathControlPoint (defined in Camera)Cameraprivate
mPathControlPointMoved (defined in Camera)Cameraprivate
mRotate (defined in Camera)Cameraprivate
mScale (defined in Camera)Cameraprivate
mTranslate (defined in Camera)Cameraprivate
mView (defined in Camera)Cameraprivate
operator=(const KeyFrame &k2) (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrame
pathControlPointMoved() const (defined in Camera)Camerainline
pos() const (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinline
removeEventListner(KeyFrameEventListener *) (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrame
resetTransform() (defined in Camera)Camera
rotate(qreal degree) (defined in Camera)Camera
rotation() const (defined in Camera)Camerainline
scale(qreal scaleValue) (defined in Camera)Camera
scaling() const (defined in Camera)Camerainline
setEasingType(CameraEasingType type) (defined in Camera)Camera
setFileName(QString strFileName) (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinline
setLength(int len) (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinline
setModified(bool b) (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinline
setPathControlPoint(QPointF point) (defined in Camera)Camera
setPathControlPointMoved(bool pathMoved) (defined in Camera)Camera
setPos(int position) (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinline
setSelected(bool b) (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinline
translate(qreal dx, qreal dy) (defined in Camera)Camera
translate(const QPointF) (defined in Camera)Camera
translation() const (defined in Camera)Camerainline
unloadFile() (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFrameinlinevirtual
updateViewTransform() (defined in Camera)Camera
~Camera() override (defined in Camera)Camera
~KeyFrame() (defined in KeyFrame)KeyFramevirtual