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CameraPainter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void paint () const
void paintCached ()
void setOnionSkinPainterOptions (const OnionSkinPainterOptions &options)
void setCanvas (QPixmap *canvas)
void preparePainter (const Object *object, int layerIndex, int frameIndex, const QTransform &transform, bool isPlaying, LayerVisibility layerVisibility, float relativeLayerOpacityThreshold, qreal viewScale)
void resetCache ()

Private Member Functions

void initializePainter (QPainter &painter, QPixmap &pixmap) const
void paintVisuals (QPainter &painter) const
void paintBorder (QPainter &painter, const QTransform &camTransform, const QRect &camRect) const
void paintOnionSkinning (QPainter &painter, const LayerCamera *cameraLayer) const

Private Attributes

const ObjectmObject = nullptr
QPixmapmCanvas = nullptr
std::unique_ptr< QPixmapmCachedPaint = nullptr
QTransform mViewTransform
OnionSkinSubPainter mOnionSkinPainter
OnionSkinPainterOptions mOnionSkinOptions
int mFrameIndex = 0
int mCurrentLayerIndex = 0
LayerVisibility mLayerVisibility
float mRelativeLayerOpacityThreshold = 0
qreal mViewScale = 0
bool mIsPlaying = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file camerapainter.h.

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