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BlitRect Class Reference
+ Inheritance diagram for BlitRect:

Public Member Functions

 BlitRect (const QPoint p)
 BlitRect (const QRect rect)
void extend (const QPoint p)
- Public Member Functions inherited from QRect
 QRect (const QPoint &topLeft, const QPoint &bottomRight)
 QRect (const QPoint &topLeft, const QSize &size)
 QRect (int x, int y, int width, int height)
bool isNull () const const
bool isEmpty () const const
bool isValid () const const
int left () const const
int top () const const
int right () const const
int bottom () const const
QRect normalized () const const
int x () const const
int y () const const
void setLeft (int x)
void setTop (int y)
void setRight (int x)
void setBottom (int y)
void setX (int x)
void setY (int y)
void setTopLeft (const QPoint &position)
void setBottomRight (const QPoint &position)
void setTopRight (const QPoint &position)
void setBottomLeft (const QPoint &position)
QPoint topLeft () const const
QPoint bottomRight () const const
QPoint topRight () const const
QPoint bottomLeft () const const
QPoint center () const const
void moveLeft (int x)
void moveTop (int y)
void moveRight (int x)
void moveBottom (int y)
void moveTopLeft (const QPoint &position)
void moveBottomRight (const QPoint &position)
void moveTopRight (const QPoint &position)
void moveBottomLeft (const QPoint &position)
void moveCenter (const QPoint &position)
void translate (int dx, int dy)
void translate (const QPoint &offset)
QRect translated (int dx, int dy) const const
QRect translated (const QPoint &offset) const const
QRect transposed () const const
void moveTo (int x, int y)
void moveTo (const QPoint &position)
void setRect (int x, int y, int width, int height)
void getRect (int *x, int *y, int *width, int *height) const const
void setCoords (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)
void getCoords (int *x1, int *y1, int *x2, int *y2) const const
void adjust (int dx1, int dy1, int dx2, int dy2)
QRect adjusted (int dx1, int dy1, int dx2, int dy2) const const
QSize size () const const
int width () const const
int height () const const
void setWidth (int width)
void setHeight (int height)
void setSize (const QSize &size)
QRect operator| (const QRect &rectangle) const const
QRect operator& (const QRect &rectangle) const const
QRectoperator|= (const QRect &rectangle)
QRectoperator&= (const QRect &rectangle)
bool contains (const QRect &rectangle, bool proper) const const
bool contains (const QPoint &point, bool proper) const const
bool contains (int x, int y) const const
bool contains (int x, int y, bool proper) const const
QRect united (const QRect &rectangle) const const
QRect intersected (const QRect &rectangle) const const
bool intersects (const QRect &rectangle) const const
QRect marginsAdded (const QMargins &margins) const const
QRect marginsRemoved (const QMargins &margins) const const
QRectoperator+= (const QMargins &margins)
QRectoperator-= (const QMargins &margins)
QRect unite (const QRect &rectangle) const const
QRect intersect (const QRect &rectangle) const const
CGRect toCGRect () const const
bool operator== (const QRect &r1, const QRect &r2)
bool operator!= (const QRect &r1, const QRect &r2)
QRect operator+ (const QRect &rectangle, const QMargins &margins)
QRect operator+ (const QMargins &margins, const QRect &rectangle)
QRect operator- (const QRect &lhs, const QMargins &rhs)
QDataStreamoperator<< (QDataStream &stream, const QRect &rectangle)
QDataStreamoperator>> (QDataStream &stream, QRect &rectangle)

Private Attributes

bool mInitialized = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file blitrect.h.

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