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Catch::IResultCapture Struct Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual bool sectionStarted (SectionInfo const &sectionInfo, Counts &assertions)=0
virtual void sectionEnded (SectionEndInfo const &endInfo)=0
virtual void sectionEndedEarly (SectionEndInfo const &endInfo)=0
virtual auto acquireGeneratorTracker (StringRef generatorName, SourceLineInfo const &lineInfo) -> IGeneratorTracker &=0
virtual void pushScopedMessage (MessageInfo const &message)=0
virtual void popScopedMessage (MessageInfo const &message)=0
virtual void emplaceUnscopedMessage (MessageBuilder const &builder)=0
virtual void handleFatalErrorCondition (StringRef message)=0
virtual void handleExpr (AssertionInfo const &info, ITransientExpression const &expr, AssertionReaction &reaction)=0
virtual void handleMessage (AssertionInfo const &info, ResultWas::OfType resultType, StringRef const &message, AssertionReaction &reaction)=0
virtual void handleUnexpectedExceptionNotThrown (AssertionInfo const &info, AssertionReaction &reaction)=0
virtual void handleUnexpectedInflightException (AssertionInfo const &info, std::string const &message, AssertionReaction &reaction)=0
virtual void handleIncomplete (AssertionInfo const &info)=0
virtual void handleNonExpr (AssertionInfo const &info, ResultWas::OfType resultType, AssertionReaction &reaction)=0
virtual bool lastAssertionPassed ()=0
virtual void assertionPassed ()=0
virtual std::string getCurrentTestName () const =0
virtual const AssertionResult * getLastResult () const =0
virtual void exceptionEarlyReported ()=0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2458 of file catch.hpp.

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