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Catch::SimplePcg32 Class Reference

Public Types

using result_type = std::uint32_t

Public Member Functions

 SimplePcg32 (result_type seed_)
void seed (result_type seed_)
void discard (uint64_t skip)
result_type operator() ()

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr result_type() min ()
static constexpr result_type() max ()

Private Types

using state_type = std::uint64_t

Private Attributes

std::uint64_t m_state

Static Private Attributes

static const std::uint64_t s_inc = (0x13ed0cc53f939476ULL << 1ULL) | 1ULL


bool operator== (SimplePcg32 const &lhs, SimplePcg32 const &rhs)
bool operator!= (SimplePcg32 const &lhs, SimplePcg32 const &rhs)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4558 of file catch.hpp.

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