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Building Pencil2D on Windows

These are instructions for building Pencil2D on a Windows PC. If you are using Mac go here, and Linux please go here.

This guide is primarily targeted towards developers. If you just want to use the latest version, download it from our nightly builds. This tutorial was made with Windows 10 in mind, however this will work with Windows 7 and up.

There are 3 steps in total:

  1. Install Qt SDK
  2. Get the source code
  3. Configure and compile Pencil2D


If you are an experienced Qt developer, compiling Pencil2D would be extremely easy for you. Just open up in Qt Creator and compile, that's it.

Install Qt SDK

Pencil2D is built upon Qt, you have to install it before you can compile the program.

Official Qt Installer (Recommended)

Get Source Code

Building the application

Now it's time to build the application.

With Qt Creator (recommended)

If any error occurred, the issues tab will open up at the bottom and display error messages. Please search the Pencil2D Issue tracker or create an issue If you can't find anything. Be sure to include as much detail as you can in your report!

With Visual Studio

Yes, you can compile Pencil2D with Visual Studio if you like.

Next steps

Now that you can build Pencil2D, the next step is to learn about navigating the source code.